Meet Davron!

You have given me great suggestions on how to name my Male singing character n°2! The final poll was a battle between Archie & Davron. Davron took off super fast, and Archie did his best to catch up with him. However, Davron lived up to his reputation as top favorite and won the battle with 8 votes!

A person with the name DAVRON feels compelled to build strong foundations for themselves and those around him, particularly family. He’s very inspiring, creative and inventive, which he combines with down-to-earth practicality. (Source: babynology)

Is your name Davron? Or do you know a person named Davron? Please, share a picture and share your / their great personality traits in the comments below :-)

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Davron loves to help people understand how respiration works! Click on the drawings for more details.

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“Wow, Sarah! Congratulations on doing a tremendous job on this project. You’ve created a collection of beautiful, accurate anatomical illustrations that show just the right amount of detail, illuminated by clear labels. Thank you for providing a set of tools that will help the next generations to feel a lot more confident in their understanding of vocal anatomy.”

Dr. Claudia FriedlanderVoice teacher & Fitness Expert

“Super beautiful work, Sarah! Congratulations, I admire your commitment and knowledge.”

Prof. dr. Tom van HoofSpecialist human anatomy

“Beautiful work! Your drawings are thoroughly thought through, anatomically accurate, and especially excellent for didactic purposes.”

Dr. Dan DevosCardiovascular Radiologist

“You did a tremendous job, everything looks very professional and correct! Congratulations and good luck with the project!”

Dr. Mieke MoermanENT Surgeon, Laryngologist, Phoniatrician

“You have created simple drawings that capture all the important elements for teaching voice. I will be using these! You’ve done a lot of hard work and congratulations are in order!”

Kerrie ObertVoice Teacher, Adjunct Instructor & Clinical Voice Pathologist

On the different races: “My goodness… Never, ever, ever had the feeling of seeing us represented like this! Your work is beautiful, it makes me cry… I’m so used to never seeing someone make the effort to be inclusive. Bless you, Sarah”

James DarganSinger, composer, poet, essayist, translator, liturgist, artivist, etc.

“Your drawings are the best I’ve ever seen. They only show relevant info, unlike medical drawings that show everything – which might be confusing for students. The colour coding is also great, as it makes it even more specific.”

Tine VerbekeVoice tutor at BIMM Dublin